What’s your strategy for your next interview? Are you being unique or being the same as your competition? Did you know YOUR next interview is a micro public speaking event? There’s an audience, a speaker (that’s you), and there are NO do-overs.

This book might be able to help you smile more…before, during, and after your next job interview. Warning: The language inside may spontaneously improve your personal relationships and love life.

Be clear, Be concise, Be confident. Be-low, click the triangle next to the facebook button at your own risk. Enjoy!


    • Chapter 1       Forward to Basics
    • Chapter 2       Branding You
    • Chapter 3       Emergency Interview
    • Chapter 4       T.V. Their Value
    • Chapter 5       The Grandaddy Question

Chapter.6.College.Graduates [Download]

  • Chapter 7       When You’re the Problem?
  • Chapter 8       Coaching Questions
  • Chapter 9       The Library…Really?
  • Chapter 10     Illegal Eagle Questions
  • Chapter 11     Military Mental Muscle

Chapter.12.Trouble.In.Paradise [Download]

  • Chapter 13     Reverse Engineering
  • Chapter 14     Every ‘Body’ is in Sales
  • Chapter 15     Closing The DealJob_Interview_Tough_Questions_Rockstar_Your_Job_Interview
  • Chapter 16     Your Turn
  • Chapter 17     After The Interview

Chapter.18.Energy [Download]



~Actor, Will Smith   “The things that have been most valuable to me…I did not learn in school.” 100%